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How to Give Your Closet Shelves a Makeover | The Unique Properties Team


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How to Give Your Closet Shelves a Makeover

How to Give Your Closet Shelves a Makeover

The closets in your home are often ignored when it comes to remodeling and decorating. Closets are one of the things that you use multiple times a day, but you usually don’t pay much attention to them because they are functional and not an area where you spend time or hang out.  Because you are in regular contact with your closets, however, there is no reason not to make them attractive.

If your shelves are arranged appropriately for storage, there is a lesser chance that your stuff will become disorganized and jumbled. So, before adding decorative touches to your closets, you must first organize your things, so you will have an idea of how to decorate in a way that does not hinder the functionality of the area. Removing things that are not useful anymore.

Aside from the color of the shelves, another way to make them stand out in your room is by changing the color behind them. You can paint the wall at the back of your shelves or cabinets a darker or lighter color to emphasize its appearance and add visual interest. Pick a color that will match well, but feel free to go as subtle or as bold as you please.

It is often best to keep your shelving simple, yet in an attractive design. Shelves and cabinets with many hidden spaces will collect dust, so in order to make your cleaning easier, reduce the number of small corners and crevices. If you are worried about having an overly simple closet, you can make use of decorative baskets and boxes. They do not just add visual appeal to your shelf, but they also add extra storage space.

Lighting can make a big difference as well. To draw attention to certain areas of your shelf, backlit and overhead lights can be used in creative ways. Stringed lights along the edges of your shelves and cabinets can also create a unique touch.

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