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How to Take Good Care of Your Trees

Pruning twigs and branches

Trees are beautiful accessories to our property that give us more benefits than many of us think of. They give us shade during the heat of summer,fresh air, and helpcreate habitats for squirrels and birds to watch. Additionally, trees are assets that can add to the value of your property (everybody loves “mature trees”).

While trees may seem low-maintenance, taking good care of them is also important to ensure their health and longevity. To help in the upkeep of your trees, here are a few care tips below:

  • Regularly trim your trees – This will remove dead branches and leaves that still cling on to your trees sapping nutrients. Trimming can make your trees look beautiful. It can also maintain its good shape. If old branches and leaves are trimmed, new ones will grow more easily.
  • Water your trees – Just like you, trees and their roots need water. When watering, make sure that the amount you use is proportional to how big or small your trees are. Bigger trees with bigger roots need more water. If you are planting a new tree – dig the hole for your tree below ground level when filled in so that water can easily collect as a reservoir for your new tree.
  • Adding fertilizer to your trees – Fertilizers are like vitamins to your trees! When you fertilize your trees, you are helping in promoting its growth. Add more fertilizer during summer season to make up for any drought conditions that may rob your soil of vital nutrients.
  • Keep pests and diseases away – Harmful pests can also lurk around your trees inhibiting them from growing. Pests and diseases can also kill your trees if unaddressed! Look for signs of weaknesses in your trees and have these inspected.
  • Adding mulch around your trees – Mulch can do wonders for your trees. These can protect your trees, especially their roots. Mulch can also improve the oxygen level and temperature of your trees, thus keeping them well preserved.

Remove plants growing around your trees – Plants that are too near to your trees can compromise their growth by leeching nutrients from the soil around your trees. These should be removed, post haste!For the plants you wish to keep, you can transfer them, but remove weeds by hand, as weed-killer will also seep into the soil and risk damaging your trees.

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