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Basic Tips on How to Add Fertilizer to Your Home Garden | The Unique Properties Team


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Basic Tips on How to Add Fertilizer to Your Home Garden

Growing your own garden can be a wonderful adventure right in the comforts of your own backyard. Starting with choosing the kinds of plants you want, up to doing the “dirty work”, every step in the processcreates a sense of accomplishment. Best of all – second to maybe painting, having a garden is one of the most rewarding ways to see results from your labor, very quickly!

One way to ensure that your plants remain healthy is to add fertilizers. These can be natural or artificial food to sustain the life of your plants and help them to grow fast. However, when choosing a fertilizer, make sure to use what is safest (natural choices are typically the safest bet).

Adding fertilizers to your plants is not a difficult task. To help you properly add fertilizer to your home garden, here are a few basic tips below:

  • Test your soil. The type of soil you have determines the amount and kind of fertilizer you should use. Check the pH level of your soil so you can properly adjust. Too much fertilizer can indeed harm the plants.
  • Create your own fertilizers. There is no need to buy fertilizers! You can make your own by simply using kitchen and food waste. These are not only environmentally friendly, but it can help to save you money as well.
  • Fertilize on dry and less windy day. It will be more practical to add more fertilizer straight on the soil than allowing the wind to blow some of it away.
  • Water your lawn a day before adding fertilizer. When you add fertilizer, you don’t need to water a ton, just enough to wash the fertilizer in to the ground.
  • Spread your fertilizer when applying to ensure uniform and consistent distribution. Use a rake to spread out your fertilizer so all of your plants can obtain the same amount of nutrients.
  • Know how to properly use your fertilizer. When you buy fertilizer, read the instructions first! There are water-soluble fertilizers that you can directly spray on the leaves while there others you need to add to the soil. Make sure to understand the type of fertilizer you bought before using.

Use a rotary spreader if you have a larger lawn. This will help properly spread the fertilizer while minimizing the work for you.

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