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Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home | The Unique Properties Team


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Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Spring is in the air! The flowers are starting to bloom outside and the wind is starting to blow warm and softly.Your house needs a breath of fresh air! Being shut up for months during winter definitely requires a little breather and a little Spring-cleaning. So get your cleaning tools ready, mark a day (or weekend) to focus on your home and let’s start sprucing!

Here are some tips on how you can be more effective when it comes to your spring-cleaning activity:

  • Dust off your carpets and rugs. Dirt and dust accumulate on these floor mats so take them off the floor, sweep them up and swat them outside to thoroughly remove the dust accumulated during winter.
  • Get rid of lime build up. This works for your bathroom faucets, shower heads and kitchen sink, where lime can build up and be harder to remove. Use a cleaner that is meant for bathroom and kitchen limes so it is easier and safer to use. You will notice the difference immediately next time you turn that fixture on.
  • Wipe down your cabinet surfaces. Use a clean rag to wipe off surfaces of your cabinets.Not just in your kitchens but also in your bedrooms and dining room. Use water and mild detergents or a little lemon while drying it off with a clean cloth for a fresh spring-scent!
  • Vacuum the floors. Sweeping the floors may seem good but vacuuming off dust can be better. Make sure to vacuum underneath furniture as well – especially under the couch and beds. These areas can be neglected and the winter heater may push dust under these larger items.
  • Wash windows and exterior walls. It is not enough just to clean indoors. You should also, consider washing off exterior walls from the dirt and build up of the winter season. Wash your windows with power washers versus just wiping off with a cleaner. If you haven’t washed your surfaces with a power washer before… be prepared to literally take years off of your home!
  • Clean your lighting fixtures. These are often the most overlooked part of the house. But lighting fixtures can also accumulate dust like no other. Wipe your fixtures carefully with a clean, almost-dry cloth to remove dust properly.
  • Air out pillows and bedding. It is time to put pillows, comforters, even thin mattresses out for a little fresh air. Hang these items outside for a time and let the spring in.
  • Seal the floors. Finally, if you have time to do so, seal your floors (especially outside decking) for added protection. This will keep your floors looking new and protected from dirt and other elements to easily build up as spring storms hit and plants begin to bud-out.

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